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 This site free ! lets you sell your surplus, obsolete, and used electronics the old fashion way.  You communicate directly with the prospective buyer/seller.  You determine if your classified advertisement runs for 1 week or 6 months.  Trade used transmitters, sell vintage receivers, advertise your antennas, semiconductors, electronic hardware, electronic user and service manuals;

Our Features: Our Restrictions:
  • No "ad listing fees"
  • No "photo hosting fees"
  • No "final price fees"
  • No "service fees"
  • No "re-list item fees"
  • No commissions
  • Ads must be in English
  • Users of the site assume all risk
  • Nothing obscene, mean, stolen, illegal
  • Users are required to use "common sense".
  • Ads must be related to radio, television, audio, lasers, hobbyist electronics, etc.

How To Buy and Sell Used Electronics, Radios, TVs, Transmitters etc.
Your ad(s) will appear immediately after you finish creating it.   Please upload photos of your item(s). It really makes a difference.  You may upload 40 pictures for each free classified ad.

You contact the seller or buyer directly by using the "respond to ad" function.    This link is on the left side of the page above the item photo(s).  An email will be sent to the person that placed the ad.  Be sure your 'reply to' email address is correct.  Unless the seller has stated his price is firm, it is likely that he would be open to negotiation.  If you are selling and your price is firm, please state that in your ad. 

Please remember to unlist your ad when done.  Once you sell your item or find the item you were looking for, please remember to log in and 'unlist' your ad.

The sponsors of this site are not involved in the transactions in any way.  You take all the same risks you would as if these were ads in a magazine or newspaper.  Buyer beware.


Dealers Welcome
Dealers are welcome to advertise trade-ins, obsolete, and surplus items.  For details read our site policies.
At the top of each page are the search functions.  It is very easy to select a category and browse items for sale or wanted.  You may also search for specific words.  However keep in mind that this is not google.  If you search for tentec you will not find any TenTec.

Why ?
Well, we all know that big auction site... and it is getting really expensive. They charge you per item, per picture, a big fat percentage, and then tell you you cannot meet the seller (or buyer) over coffee to discuss the deal. The other factor some of us don't like is that you either have a 7 or 10 day auction or you have to have a set price. And that site has gotten so big we just cannot find what we are looking for sometimes.


No 'CB' !
You have been told.  No warnings.  First offense and your account will be permanently banned.  We have nothing against legal CB radio equipment and operation.  We used to allow CB radios on this site, however, 95% of them had to be deleted because they were illegal radios.  Don't do it.

Don't see an appropriate category for your ad?
Send an email to with your suggestion for a new category or subcategory.


We really do appreciate all the suggestions and questions that help us improve this website.  Send them to