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ECG2349 NPN darlington 50 A 120 V, new

For Sale: $12.00
Item details

Collector Emitter Voltage VCEO 120V
Collector Base Voltage VCB 120V
Emitter Base Voltage VEB 5V
Collector Current IC
Continuous 50A
Peak 100A
Continuous Base Current IB 2A
Total Power Dissipation TC 25 C PD 300W
Derate Above 25 C TC 100 C 1.71W C
Operating Junction Temperature Range TJ 55 to 200 C
Storage Temperature Range Tstg 55 to 200 C
Thermal Resistance Junction to Case RthJC 0.584 C
Lead Temperature During Soldering 10sec Max TL 275 C ONE AVAILABLE ONE ONE ONE available NEW includes mica insulator and shoulder washers

Item # 704
Location: Florida
Category: Semiconductors
Posted by: JTK
Currently: For Sale