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Adjustable inductor, 24 uH

For Sale: $40.00
Item details

Adjustable roller inductor 25 microhenry max. 34 turns over 3.75 inches. 2.0 inch ceramic form. The moving contact shoe has quite a large contact area. The contact shoe has an adjujstment screw to clamp it down in at a fixed value of inductance. About 7 inches long end plates are 3.5 x 3.5 inch. Shaft is 1 4 diameter. ONLY ONE END OF THIS INDUCTOR IS CONNECTED TO THE SHAFT. Many antenna tuner designs short out the 'unused turns' of roller inductors. You cannot do that with this inductor. The end of the coil toward the standoff insulators is not connected to anything. 2.3 pounds about 3 pounds shipping weight

Item # 1013
Location: Florida
Category: Inductors
Posted by: racer184
Currently: For Sale