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New Server

15 February 2011 this website moved to a dedicated server.  What does this mean?  Faster faster faster!  When a website gets only a few hundred visitors per day it is suitable to host that website in a 'shared hosting environment'.  Shared hosting means there are many websites contained in one computer.  That's how we started out back in 2008.

However when a website begins to grow to having thousands of visitors per day, each looking at a dozen or more pages, the website serving computer has to deliver 100,000 or more pages per day.  That is a simple task for a modern web-server computer that delivers only one website.

26 November 2009

We added a new step in the registration process.  Now after typing in your email address, you must type it in again.  The website then cmpares what you typed both times - if the fields do not match precisely, registration process is stopped and you get a notice.  This is similar to wheny ou type in your password twice.   It just checks to be sure you typed your email address carefully.

Me, being a website developer, well...  I am "always" very careful about what I type in.  But no one is perfect.  So after looking into a few cases of people saying that they never got emails from their ad on the site, I discovered that several people had typed in erronious email addresses.   This extra step may be inconvenient in the short run, but it will be good for everyone overall.

By the way, if you want to change your email address, just log into the site, then find the "My Ads and Profile" tab and click that.  Then you will see your active ads and a list of commands to see your inactive ads and change your profile.   Click your profile and then you can change your email address and/or password.

Please keep the suggestions coming in to

Automatic email when registering

Thanks to more comments and suggestions from users, we have just added a new feature to Now when a person completes the registration process to create a new account, we automatically send an email. The email contains your username and password. So now you can save that email someplace where you can find it, or even print it out. Then when you have trouble logging in, your email will be there to remind you. This will help those of us that are signed up on multiple websites; sometimes the username we want is not available, or perhaps we want to use a different one for some reason. Then we go back to a website and we cannot remember the username. There is another function of this automated email.

After registering, a new user should look at their email inbox and see if the email is there. If not, then they know they either entered their email address incorrectly, or their spam filter stopped it. This gives people a chance to add us to their spam filter safe list. We had one gentleman selling a radio that complained he didn't get any results from Well, I checked and he had gotten TWENTY EIGHT responses to his ad! Unfortunately, they all went into his spam filter junk box. Automated spam filters are usually pretty nice things.... however they are not perfect, so you need to teach them what is spam and what is not. One man's spam is another man's meatloaf!

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