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Network will connect devices inside the home

Network will connect devices inside the home, around the home and across the entire country with no service fees

SAN FRANCISCO, July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Iotera announced the launch of their Iota Kickstarter campaign ( aimed at building the first free nationwide Internet of Things (IoT) wireless network.

The network is built using small wireless access points called Home Bases, where each Home Base is attached to a window inside a home. A second device called the Iota, measures 43mm x 22mm x 11mm and is attached to the things to be monitored or tracked.

Despite being the size of a typical key fob, Iota can send its location to the nearest Home Base up to 4 miles away. Due to the long-range wireless technology, a city such as San Francisco can be covered with as few as 10 Home Bases. Iota is designed for keeping track of pets, children, bicycles and cars, but can also be used for monitoring applications including door and window motion sensing for home security, mailbox door sensing, and temperature sensing applications.

A free smartphone app includes several profiles to easily configure Iota for the different uses. "For the past 3 years our team at Iotera have been working hard to make this vision a reality," said Rob Barton, co-founder of Iotera. Barton continued "We are all tired of paying monthly service fees for cell phones and together with the Kickstarter community we have an opportunity to prevent these recurring fees carrying over to the internet of things. With the Iota network it's now feasible to connect IoT devices across entire cities with absolutely no monthly service fees."

The Iotera wireless network has been designed from the ground up for connecting IoT devices to the internet, providing up to a 10x improvement in battery life compared to traditional cellular wireless technologies.

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