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Create links to YOUR ads on this site.

Let's discuss two types of linking to your ads; one is to make a link to a specific ad you have here on this site, the other idea is to make a link to all of your ads on this site.  Perhaps you wish to send a link like this to a friend, or maybe post it in a forum, or put it on your webpage.

To link to all of your ads on this site

When you register on this site a link is automatically created to all ads that you post here.  The simplest way to get this link is to look at any one of your ads.  Near the bottom of your ad there is a line that says "Posted by" and your username.  Put your mouse cursor over your username and 'right-click' on your username.  You should now see an option to 'copy link location' and you will click that. (Different internet browsers call it different things, but you get the idea.)  Now go to the email you are writing (or whatever) and again 'right-click'  your mouse where you want the link.  What appears there should look something like this; http:/   Now when your friend(s) click this link in your email, or in your website, they will see a list of all of your ads on the site which are currently active.

To link to a specific ad on this site.

After you have completed your ad, you need to look at the finished ad.  To do this either use the link in 'My Ads and profile" or you can use the browse link.  Now that you are looking at your ad, look at the address location in your internet browser.  You should see something like this; http//   (The number at the end is the number of your ad.) Now put your mouse cursor in that address bar.  If you are right-handed, 'right click' on the address and select 'copy'.  If you are left-handed, then you 'left click' on the address and select 'copy'.  Now in your email, or whatever, you 'paste' the address.  To paste when writing an email, when you get to where you want to put the link to your ad, you again 'right-click' and now select 'paste'.  The link will magically appear there.

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