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; How do I Convert a video to Another Format?

There are several methods to convert a video.

These are the more common video formats that you may use. 

  1.  WMV - Windows(r) media

  2.  FLV - flash(r) video

  3. AVI

  4. MPEG

Fortunately there are many free programs on the internet that will allow you to easily convert video from one format to another.  I have tried many, and the one I have been using lately is Any Video Converter.

1.  To convert from AVI to WMV or FLV

The first step to convert a video from AVI to WMV or FLV is to locate the video on your hard-drive.  This is often the most frustating part.  When you plugged in your camera to your computer, the computer 'automatically' copied the video from the camera to your computer; but where did it put that video? Find out first.

Next, start the video converter program.  For our example, we will describe use of AnyVideoConverter.exe.  When the program has started, look near the top left for "Add Video" and click that.  It will open a browse window so that you can navigate to your video.  Once you find the video, click 'open'

The video will now appear on the 'menu' in the middle.  It will also show you lots of information about the video.

Now look at the top right for a drop-down box called "profile:" Click in that box and you will then have a long list of choices.  If you want to convert to FLV (flash(r)) video, select "flash video file".

Now again look at the top left, next to where you clicked 'add video' and click 'convert'.  You are done for now.  The program will let you know when it has finished.

Unless you made some changes, your converted video will be located in "My documents / My videos / FLV "

That's enough to get you started converting videos from one format to another.  After you get a little experience you can then use the program to 'add video' multiple videos and go to bed and in the morning find that the computer automatically converted a dozen videos for you.  

Other 'advanced' things you can do is to change the size of the video.  For example, if you want to convert a "high definition" video to a smaller video to send over the internet, look at the menu on the right side and you will see under 'video options' the choice for 'frame size'.  If you are just learning about internet video, then I recommend you choose '640x480'.

Now that you have the video in the format you desire, learn how to send video by email.

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