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I apologize for being a big procrastinator. This is the list of usernames that earned a coffee mug during our first anniversary event.

* W2PHD - TWO MUGS ! * W3NRL * Bluegrassman1 * Khoka * Kenlb * NorthDakota * TxRxAx * W1NTR
* KG9O * W7CH * Benice * Business1 - FOUR MUGS !

If I missed you somehow, please send an email to the webmaster and be SURE to include your username. I ordered shipping boxes today, they should be here tomorrow and I will start shipping soon. I have emailed everyone on this list to request shipping address. They probably will not arrive before Christmas, but at least you can drink your favorite drink out of them for New Years eve celebrations or during Straight Key Night !

Free coffee mugs to celebrate our one year anniversary! - ENDED November 30.

This ended on November 30

To celebrate our first year of we will be giving away coffee mugs to deserving members. To earn a Second Hand Radio coffee mug, simply post 5 qualifying ads on our site. Within a few days we will send you an email to let you know that we noticed your ads.

A qualifying ad is:
* For sale items only
* contains at least one clear photograph (photo is not stolen from ebay!)
* For sale item complies with all of our site policies.
* We only count 1 ad for each item. For example if you have 5 identical tubes for sale, that is one item.

Mugs will be shipped at our expense to USA addresses (including Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, District of Columbia etc.) For addresses outside of USA, we will have to ask you to pay the shipping costs. Mugs are on order, we will begin shipping them soon. Maximum 4 mugs per household. Post soon!

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