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City of Tamarac, Florida claims a machine committed a crime

The city claims that a Ford Fusion violated a law. 

This particular car is not a 'self driving' or 'automated' vehicle.  Is the city trying to set up precedence so that in the future it will be able to fine self-driving cars?

Could it be that they have instructed police to ignore traffic crimes?  Could the purpose be to increase revenue at the expense of catching real jerks?

Will it come to this?

A piece of crap uses a crowbar to break into a house, then, using that crowbar, he beats the occupants into a vegetative state.  The government finds proof that John Doe is the owner of the crowbar, and does not conduct any further investigation; the government has no interest in finding the ahole.  So the government issues a citation to the crowbar for $1,000 dollars.  But if John Doe, the owner of the crowbar, pleads guilty to the crime, the fine will only be $500.

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