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Mobile Phone Unlocking Website

HONG KONG, Sept. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- UnlockBase is now celebrating a decade in business, UnlockBase makes unlocking any mobile phone fast, safe and easy.

"If you can dial a phone number, then you can unlock your phone," explained UnlockBase CEO and Founder John Milton. "We gladly price match the competition as part of our goal of being the most respected service provider in the industry, not to mention delivering the fastest turnaround on all orders. In the unlikely event that we can't unlock a particular phone, we offer a full money back guarantee."

Traditionally, phone unlocking meant shipping a phone to a facility and waiting patiently, hoping that it wouldn't be smashed in transit. Alternatively, some unlocking methods require opening the phone and tinkering with the hardware. UnlockBase cuts out that frustration and reduces the margin for error to virtually zero. Customers simply enter a code into the keypad, and their phone is freed from the shackles of its original network provider.

Unlocking a mobile phone enables its use on any network, with any SIM card anywhere in the world. Individuals begin the process by choosing the phone's manufacturer, model and network provider, followed by more specific identifying information like the IMEI number. After choosing and paying for an unlocking option, users receive a code in as little as a few hours.

The benefits of unlocking a phone are numerous. For instance, roaming charges become a thing of the past with an unlocked phone. Savvy consumers can switch between service providers as needed and never fuss with contracts and restrictions. Likewise, the resale value of mobile phones is significantly increased when they're capable of functioning on any network. A persistent myth is that phone unlocking is illegal, but the courts have quashed that idea. With UnlockBase, phone unlocking is both legal and 100% safe.

UnlockBase now offers approximately 250 services to unlock mobile phones, and that number is continually growing as the market evolves and new manufacturers enter the playing field. At last count, the company had the ability to unlock nearly 11,000 unique mobile phone models. Whether customers want to unlock a BlackBerry Z10, an iPhone 5C or a Samsung Galaxy S5, UnlockBase has access to a bevy of codes that will do the trick.

Mobile industry professionals who require a fast, foolproof way to unlock phones as part of their business can create an account with UnlockBase and enjoy wholesale unlock price structures. The company provides 24/7, professional customer service to deal with any potential issue.

Professional UnlockBase users have access to a full year of account history and complete transaction history. The straightforward interface enables multiple users, bulk entry, SMS alerts and personal statistics. For many, the most compelling features of UnlockBase are the developers API and the ability to create white label storefronts, offering the company's superior unlocking services to their customers as part of their own brand.

Looking ahead, UnlockBase plans to continue introducing new services and features as part of its mission to be the world leader in mobile phone unlocking. At the same time, the company intends to maintain its competitive price structure, rapid code delivery and stellar customer service.

About UnlockBase: In business since March 2004, UnlockBase has successfully unlocked nearly 4.5 million mobile phones. The company provides phone unlocking to individuals, industry professionals and corporations. UnlockBase offers its services in accordance with all applicable laws and extends a money back guarantee.

Contact: UB Software Ltd 610 Nathan Road - Hollywood Plaza Hong Kong - Kowloon - Mongkok John Milton Tel : +(852) 2996-1111

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