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Rear View Safety
 Your Blackvue Dash Camera Distributor

Rear View Safety soon to bring new Blackvue dash camera models to customers

 BROOKLYN, N.Y., Aug. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Rear View Safety a national rearview camera manufacturer and distributor was chosen by Blackvue to distribute their top of the line Blackvue Dash Camera products to help increase safety nationwide.  In an effort to bring greater safety advancements to drivers in the U.S. Rear View Safety will now be offering an even larger array of Blackvue products.

Featured products at Rear View Safety include the 16GB DR500GW-HD WiFi Dash Camera.

This high tech safety invention captures video at 1920x1080 resolution, making every movement of your car crystal clear.  With up to 17 hours of video capabilities drivers can always be sure to capture what they want.  A microphone is also available for audio as well as visual. This model has on board GPS capabilities as well.

For even greater safety enhancements, Rear View Safety offers the 2 Channel 32GB Dash Camera by Blackvue (Model DR550GW-HD).  This model offers two separate cameras for recording capabilities of both the front and the back of the vehicle. Drivers are fully ensured in having all important footage needed in case of an accident.

To get the most accessible recorded information from your dash cam the 32GB DR500GW-HD WiFi Dash Camera gives drivers capabilities of transferring recorded information to their mobile devices for easy viewing by removing the MicroSD card and simply installing it into your mobile device.

In addition to these great backup camera system products Rear View Safety is excited to announce the release of new Blackvue rear view camera products including the DR-600GW, DR-650Gw, DR-750LW.

To read more about this company visit  To learn more about Blackvue products visit Or you can contact a Rear View Safety representative by calling 1-800-764-1028. Expert installation representatives are on call to help you make reversing safer for you and your passengers.

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