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Tips for writing better ads:

Some tips for making better descriptions of the item you have for sale (or wanted) on

 1. Include model number of the item (if known)

2. Describe its condition accurately

3. List all options included (or missing)

4. List all accessories included (or missing)

5. Honest opinion about the item

6. Shipping and Payment preferences

1. Model Number; Be sure to include the model number, not just the name of the item. For example, a "Hewlett Packard storage tube spectrum analyzer" may mean a lot to me, but it does not tell the whole story. Tell the model number HP141T with 8555A might mean the difference between a lot of questions and no sale, or a sale within the first hour. Likewise, saying "Motorola Micor radio - complete" does not tell us much... but the model number will mean a lot to some people - with a model number they might know more about the used radio than you do.

2. Condition; Does it work? How is its appearance? Does it need some "TLC" or actual repairs?

3. Options; For example a description of a HF transceiver should always tell the reader if the radio includes additional filters.

4. Accessories: Is the original manual included? Is the mobile mounting bracket included? Is the microphone stand included? Is the carrying case included? A matching frequency counter? Perhaps you have some of these accessories but you are listing them separately in another ad-- go ahead and mention this. If you have the accessories the buyer really wants to know this. It will save both of you a lot of time and emails.

5. Honest Opinions; Maybe you are selling the radio because you think the programming menu is too difficult for mobile use -- nothing wrong with the radio, you just decided you do not want to use it on your motorcycle. Perhaps the item is too heavy or too large or too small for your application. Go ahead and tell people, in your description, that you are selling it because you are looking for something simpler or because you want to get into HF contesting. Then the reader will feel more comfortable that you are not selling it trying to hide a defect, you are just looking for something different. Maybe you bought a bunch of antennas for moonbounce work and then decided you did not like getting up at 3 am to work DX.... that's ok... you gave it a try, now let someone else buy your EME antennas and give it a try themselves.

6. Shipping and Payment Preferences; Some people love to use paypal, some hate it. Some people like USPS money orders, some will accept personal checks. Some people prefer UPS, some prefer Federal Express. Perhaps you will not even ship the item and it is for direct pick-up only --- go ahead and tell us now. If you (like me) refuse to ship outside of your country go ahead and say so, it will save everyone time.

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