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Is there a market for non-narrowband radios?   YES !

The F.C.C. may be requiring you to change to narrowband radios at the end of this year, but it is not requiring every licensee to change.

Before pricing your used non-narrowband radios, you may find it helpful to determine the depreciated value at this time; your accounting department should know this.

There are markets for these radios.  There are entities that will continue to use non-narrowband radios for many years to come.  We will not list them here, we do not have the time.  The entire Amateur Radio Service (FCC part 97 licensees) is permitted to use non-narrowband radios as well as every other technology.

Important tips for getting the best price when selling your non-narrowband radios.

  • Include all 'accessories'.  When the technician de-installs non-narrowband radios, be sure he includes all the associated items like microphones, speakers, control heads. These items will be included with your new narrowband radios anyway, and including them with the sale of the non-narrowband radio will save potential buyers a lot of time which means a lot of money, meaning they will pay a better price.

  • Provide photographs of the exact transmitter, receiver, transceiver, or amplifier you are selling.  It often helps to include a photograph of the radio 'nameplate' showing the model number and maybe even the serial number.  A potential buyer may know a lot more about the radios than you, just by looking at the entire model number.  It is perfectly normal to see scratches and wear on a well-used radio. Here at we allow up to 40 photographs to be posted for each ad so potential buyers will feel confident in their decision to purchase your equipment.

  • Provide the basic specifications: power output, mobile or base, VHF low-band, VHF high-band, UHF, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, etc.

  • Are you selling by the pallet?  Will you split up the sale?

  • Will you ship the non-narrowband radios?  Local pickup only?

  • Do you accept credit cards, purchase orders, or cash-only?

  • List what options your radios have?  Will you sell options separately?

Where can you sell non-narrowband radios? 

Here are a few suggestions:


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