Transworld datron TW100 $300+ shipping CONUS ONLY
Hytera MD782G 400-470 mhz DMR $300 shipped CONUS
power spilter 1.9G
Yaesu 736R VHF/UHF
MOTOROLA R-1800A Service Manual
Henry Radio Amplifier( HF)
Kenwood TS-440SAT
Kenwood YK-88S-1 filter
international electronic sourcing specialists
Tube Amplifier Parts New
Kenwood TS-440SAT HF transceiver
TEN-TEC lll 417
original iPhone 7 plus 128gb
Allstar Link ARiUSB interface
Computer Recycling Services; Computers for Sale
Dosy TC 4000 test set
FlexRadio 6300 Transceiver with AT
Siltronix Model 90 VFO # 6
Rare Eddystone EC 10 solid state receiver
Whirlpool Evaporator Fan & Defrost end switch
Whirlpool Refrigerator Cold Control
Whirlpool Refrigerator Defrost Timer
No-Nonsense License Study Guides
AM Transmitter Radio T-1108/GRT-21
Graetz Gross-Super 174W multiband radio WORKS
BIRD 43 meter
100 Watt Light Bulbs, Made in U.S.A.
NEW Simpson #1329 4.5 inch 750 V DC Panel Meter.
Swan VX-2 VOX plug in unit
Autek QF-1 IC Active Filter
TPL PA6-1AE UHF Amplifier
Oxygen Hydrogen generator - OH-1
HTX-202 user manual
WR229 LNB assembly -not working
Ku band orthogonal mode transducer & LNB
WR159 90 degree E bend F band
Readrite Meter Works 50 volt DC meter
Weston 150 mA dc meter
Weston 200 mA dc meter
Meter High Tension Corp "Keep Below Red"
6BA11 appears to be new
30 watt L-pad 8 ohm
BOurns 3339P 10 kohm potentiometer
MFJ speaker/microphone MFJ-284 for parts
100 mA DC meter, 2.5 inch edgeview
100 mA dc meter 3+1/4 inch
meter, 4.5 inch 50 uA full scale
meter 4.5 inch for multimeter
Motorola HT-90, works, 173.275 MHz
Aiwa TP-S30 STEREO portable cassette recoder
Heathkit IP-17 high voltage supply manual
Lorain RT3J key system power supply
Melco KM-330B service observing unit
Ultraviolet Products SCT-1 light source
Probe style voltmeter - antique?
Lenkurt Carrier and Microwave Dictionary 1956
Advanced Class radio amateur lic. guide 1970
Advanced Class Radio Amateur FCC Test Manual
Radio Operator's License Q&A manual, hardcover
Communications Dictionary
ARRL's A Course in Radio Fundamentals - 1960
ARRL Antenna Book 1974
"Understanding Amateur Radio" unknown year
Ameco Extra Class Radio Amateur License Guide 1974
Extra Class Amateur Radio License manual 1965
B&W VS1500A transmatch owner manual
Reliability Guide - Avco Electronics 1965
Single Sideband for the Radio Amateur 1962
The Radio Manual 1941 edition
Turn counting knobs - 10 turn
5 pole 12 position centralab new
Helipot rebuild part
250 kohm stepped attenuator
Attenuator, 250 kohm
wirewound pot, 5 ohm, ten watt?
5 kohm 5% 10 turn pot
Unusual 10 turn pot, tapped
Beckman 5 kohm 10 turn helical potentiometer
Conifer PA-1033 microwave pre-amp
12 vdc 1.5A power supply with 8 pin plug
McMartin LT-80B amplifier 8 w, 8 ohm, 25v and 70v
Coiled microphone cord, 10 foot
Browning microphone, 4 pin connector
Robyn microphone 4 pin connector
MFJ speaker/microphone MFJ-284
microphone, Kenpro KT-SM-1
Turner microphone J450DM
KDK DM88A microphone 600 ohm
HP 7470A graphics plotter manual
HP7475A operation manual
Keithly 169 digital multimeter op & service manual
REL P-110 power supply service manual
Portable Rework System PRS 475 manual
CDE HAM-SP manual
Linear Integrated Circuits National Semiconductor
Operational Amplifier Active RC Networks
The FCC Rule Book by ARRL
Understanding Communications Systems
Radio Operator's License Q&A manual 11th edition
Hewlett Packard 8616A signal generator manual
Catalogue- Scott Custom Built Consoles 1930s ??
Marine Electronics Handbook
CAT-1000 repeater controller service manual
1932 National Television School brochure
HP 616B signal generator 1.8 GHz to 4.2 GHz
Kenwood TS-130s operator manual
Tune in the World with Ham Radio - 1976
Special Circuits Ready-Reference by John Markus
Mosely TA-33 assembly instructions
Micro-electronics - Jacob Millman
Designing, Building, Testing your own speaker s
Telex Ham IV rotator system manual
Icom IC255A manual
CCIR composite graticule 378-0199-04
NTSC composite graticule 378-0199-05
Schematic NJE 40-10 blueprint.
NJE SVC series power supplies
Pro-Log Series 90 programmer booklet
Icom IC-24AT IC-24ET service manual
Pro-Log M900 prom programmer operating manual
Biomation 1650-D logic analyzer service manual
Icom IC-230 instruction manual
Tektronix 7B53A/7B53AN operator manual
Radio Operator License Q&A manual 646 pages
The Mobile Manual for Radio Amateurs 1955
Radio Amateur's License Manual 1968
Specialized Communications Techniques - ARRL
RCA receiving tube and test equipment catalogue
RCA Receiving Tube manual 656 pages
RCA Receiving Tube Manual 1961
Tube Substitution Handbook volume 20
Tube Substitution Handboook - 1962 HW Sams
"A Course in Radio Fundamentals" ARRL
full wave bridge rectifier 4 A 50 V
Heathkit Pink/White noise generator manual AD-1309
Tektronix curver tracer operator manual 577-177-D1
Tektronix TM500 series Rear Interface data book
Krohn-Hite DCA-10 wideband amp service manual
Fairchild 7100A integrating meter service manual
Tektronix AM503 current probe amp service manual
Tektronix 7B53A dual time base service manual
Tektronix 7B51 delay time base service manual
Tektronix 7A18 / 7A18N dual trace service manual
Tektronics 2465 Oscilloscope operators manual
HP 612A UHF signal generator service manual
HP 200CD wide range oscillator service manual
Heathkit GR-88 VHF FM receiver assembly manual
Swan Cygnet 270 op and service manual
Hallicrafters PC210F transceiver WORKS 163.46 MHz
HP 400D 400H 400L operating and service manual
Tektronix 152 calculator BCD interface manual
HP 3310 service manual
Tektronix 2465 service manual
coil cord microphone cord
AC power cord 120 vac to twist-lock
Power cord, 120vac to 15 pin rectangular
Ceramic Compression insulators
High-Pass Filter, J.W. Miller C-513-T2 60 dB atten
SWR meter in box
SWR meter Midland 23-126
GE tube manual - essential characteristics
1958 Handbook of Science Catalog of Supplies
Tung-Sol Electron TUbes for Radio & Television
Tube Substitution manual 1964
Tung-Sol photo tube type D-1902-S5
Bandswitch with two coils - Decker?
SW radio dial, 7 band
HP 400E / 400EL op and service manual
HP 3476A digital multimeter op and service manual
HP 400F ac voltmeter op and service manual
HP 427A op and service manual
HP 3400A op and service manual
Hewlett Packard power supply control guide
Tektronix DM44 service manual
Tektronix D11 single beam storage display manual
Tektronix 475 scope service manual
Tektronix 7A42 operating manual
Tektronix option 10 instrument interfacing guide
Tektronix 2465B 2455B 2445B operating manual
HP 4260A bridge op and service manual.
Harrison Lab Power supplies service info/schematic
HP 1966 catalog and application manual
HP note M-38 "DC detective for HP power supplies"
HP 3200B VHF oscillator op and service manual
HP 6281A op and service manual
HP 6034A op and service manual
HP 5383A op and service manual
HP 5315A/B op and service manual
HP 5316A operating manual
HP 5381A frequency counter op and service manual
Hewlett Packard HP 5216A service manual
HP 5314 manual Universal Counter
Hewlett Packard HP 54620 logic analyzer manual
Hewlett Packard DC power supply operating manual
Hewlett Packard HF probe HP 11096A operating note
Hewlett Packard Logic Probe HP 545A manual
Hewlett Packard 546A Logic Pulser manual
Unisys B25TA3 telecluster adapter - serial
electrolytic 47uFd 16v radial - 30 leftover
RF Cafe - Extensive resource for RF engineers
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Gold Coast club
Wildblue satellite pointing aid
Compaq terminator board 007361-001
Rubber feet (bumpers) 1/2 inch
Software for Heath/Zenith Computer Scope
902-928 MHz bandpass filters
Antique L.E.D. wristwatch circa 1974
Rotary Switch; NEW, 1p12t Grayhill 56D30-01-1-AJN
Motorola X9000 Syntor radios 800 MHz
Capacitor, Air Variable 25 pFd ~ 105 pFd
NL8042 beam power tubes
Air Variable Butterfly capacitor 25 pFd to 60 pFd
Air variable Butterfly capacitor 15 pFd to 50 pFd
Air Variable 470 pFd, 4500volt, Johnson 152-516-2
Capacitor, Air Variable 35 pF to 140 pF
Adjustable inductor, 24 uH
Double female F connectors, 3 GHz
RS232 cable, shielded, 10' long M to F BC22-F10
SCSI cable, 18 feet long, excellent condition
TNC female, bulkhead used
Microphone plug, miniature
Microphone jack, panel mount MINIATURE
Bayonet meter lamp holders
Lamp holder for dial with pointer
M9633 transistor
Lamp holder, screw base
Indicator lamp, red
Rocker switch, spdt, mom-off-mom
Tube 1D-K29 toshiba
DC Servomotor 24v 47 W 1000 rpm w encoder
Motor with encoder
Pushbutton Switch, push-push
Key switch
3 pole breaker 5 amp, 250 v Fuji EA33
ECG5073A 8.7 V 1 W zener diode.
0.12 uH, 1300 mA, inductor 1025-96k
ECG69 UHF NPN transistor
ECG611 varactor only ONE left
ECG2406 ECG2407 surface mount transistors
ECG125 diode 1 amp 1000 volt
Zener diodes, various
ECG969 voltage regulator -15V 1 A
ECG923 precision voltage regulator 8 pin 2 NEW
ECG860 narrow-band FM IF 12v NEW, 2 left
ECG5000A 2.4 V 1/2 W zener 5% only ONE left
MB3712 5.7 W audio amplifier. New, 2 available
ECG4049 hex inverting buffers, new
ECG1101 Oscillator/RF/IF amp ic / New
ECG5812 100 V 6A cont. 400A peak rect. New
ECG168 bridge rectifier 400V 2A one left
TLC1078, 8 pin, through-hole linear amp
U1520 200 V 15 Amp very fast rectifiers
MPS2222A / 2N222A NPN transistors
1N4001 diodes 1 amp 50 V piv 100 available
405-2 NPN 30 V 400 mW 500 MHz transistors
ECG261 NPN darlington 100 V 5 amp-ONE in stock
ECG128 NPN 80 V 1 amp 100 MHz ~~~ 3 left
ECG154 NPN 300 V 1 W video output LAST one !
ECG282 one left
ECG265 NPN darlington 50v 500 mA ONE left
ECG67 N mosfet 400 V 3 Amp
ECG294 PNP 50v 1 A 1 W audio - 3 left !
ECG346 NPN 1 Watt 500 MHz ONE LEFT !
ECG1015 Low Noise AF Preamplifier
ECG957 adjustable negative voltage reg. TWO LEFT
ECG1423 audio amp SIP 8
ECG1260 5.5 W class B audio amp, new
ECG37 PNP audio 140 V 12 amp 100 Watt
ECG967 -12 V regulator replaces LM7912
ECG5154A 87 volt zener 5 W 5%
ECG2349 NPN darlington 50 A 120 V, new
ECG 349 NPN RF 30 W output 10 W, used
0.0047 uFd 3000 V disk capacitor
140 pFd 4000 V disk capacitor
820 pFd 6000 V disk capacitor
0.1 uFd 600 V poly capacitor
0.33 uFd 50 V
0.068 uFd capacitor
0.22 uFd 50 V mylar capacitor
130 pFd 6000 V disk capacitor
0.005 uFd 3 kV capacitor
130 pFd disk NPO 5%
M9588 transistor, new
HA1366WR 5 W audio amplifier
2SD1439 NPN 1500v 3 A
Cinch-Jones plug for Motorola
0.01 uFd 600 Vdc 10% mylar
0.47 uFd 35 V mylar
68 pFd disk capacitor
Capacitor 0.1 uFd 600 vdc Sprague 6PS-P1, new
fuse, 100 amp, qty 2
5 Small fans, cpu coolers
Cable, USB to RJ45?? for APC UPS supplies
Telecom power supply 50 volt 25 amp metered
1N5408 3A 1kV diode
Robot Hurl Chunks motor
12v adapter Motorola cellphone
Motorola Cellphone Data Cable
Casio Wrist Camera - camera in a watch
Biometric Reader, Hand-Scan ID3D-R
UV filter 49 mm
Microphone plug, 4 conductor
Dual grounding block for RG59 or RG6
Tool, F-connector installation
Transistor, RF power, Motorola M1102
Transistor, RF power, Motorola M9669
Transistor NTE284 180v 16amp NPN
Air Variable capacitor, 20pF to 80 pF
Transistor, MJD122, NPN darlington, 100v 8A, new
Transistor, MJD127, PNP darlington, 100v 8A dpak
Screw, nylon, 10-32 1.5 inch length
Screw, 10-32 nylon, flathead, 1 inch
RJ45 connector boot, pre-assembly, new
Cable Clamp, Nylon, 3/16" new
Klystron, Motorola by Raytheon
DC power cable for TenTec Scout?
Crystal, RX, 145.070 MHz HR2A/B (45 MHz fun.)
Crystal, RX, 145.050 MHz HR2A/B (45 MHz fun.)
Crystal, RX, 145.090 MHz HR2A/B (45 MHz fun.)
Crystal, TX, 145.090 MHz HR2B (8 MHz fun.)
Crystal, TX, 145.050 MHz HR2B (8 MHz fun.)
Crystal, TX, 145.070 MHz HR2B (8 MHz fun.)
Electrolytic capacitor 0.22 uF 50v
Electrolytic capacitor 2.2 uF 100v
Electrolytic capacitor 68 uF 63v
Electrolytic capacitor 1000 uF 6.3v
Electrolytic capacitor 220 uF 10v
Electrolytic capacitor 47 uF 10v
Electrolytic capacitor 100 uF 50v
Electrolytic capacitor 0.47 uF 50v
90 degree bend WR62
90 degree bend WR75
Antenna 360 MHz whip
Waveguide adapter N to WR62
Weston 100 mA DC meter, round
Expanded scale micro-ampmeter 70~130 microamp
microwave oscillator 6 GHz
Western Auto 2-Track tape player
UHF Television Convertor New in Box
Rabbit Ears
Headphones, Telephonics type TH37
Headphones, Brandes +Superior
Vintage office dial telephone, no ringer
Field Telephone, wood, with battery, 1946