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Teachers Praise Werkz Publishing Education Technology, Which Aims to Make Science Apps Accessible and Affordable

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Werkz Publishing Inc. is pleased to announce that its award-winning ScienceWerkz® science education apps are now available at a special subscription rate that encompasses the complete collection of more than 30 science apps.  The San Diego-based company, which was honored with a ComputED Gazette EDDIE Award for its education technology, recently changed its fee structure to provide users with access to the full range of science app titles at a more affordable price.

 "Our ScienceWerkz suite has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from educators, parents, and students. In response to inquiries we've received about the possibility of a subscription-based service, we are happy to inform users that they can now access all of our science education apps with a single annual subscription," said Werkz Publishing CEO Mark Salata, PhD. "This is the perfect solution for educators who want to provide the best digital technology and science eBooks for their students while still leaving funding for other science materials and resources in the classroom."

Under the previous pricing model, users paid a yearly license fee for each science app title they downloaded, which meant that access to the full science education suite could cost upwards of $90 per year. The new subscription-based service starts at just $6 per user for a School Site Subscription, which includes one year of access to all ScienceWerkz apps on an unlimited number of school devices. Werkz Publishing also offers a Teacher/Home Subscription, which allows teachers or parents to purchase an individual subscription for $24 per year and access the entire suite of science education apps on the device of their choice.

ScienceWerkz currently offers 32 science apps for computers running Windows or Mac operating systems and 30 for iPads and Android tablets, with additional science app titles currently in development. Once each title has been downloaded, users can access the fully functional science eBook offline. This means that students can complete their lessons even when they don't have access to the internet or wi-fi.

"Our science education technology combines informative text with engaging visuals. Teachers appreciate the well-designed app and content developed by science educators, while students enjoy the truly interactive experience," noted Salata. "Not only do ScienceWerkz apps encourage readers to explore topics more deeply, but they allow for self-paced learning. This means that our science eBooks can accommodate students at all levels from special education to gifted programs to English Language Learners."

Educators have echoed these sentiments in their feedback on the science apps. Leo Durau of the Sacred Heart School (grades K-7) and the Learning Difficulties Centre (LDC) of British Columbia, Canada, wrote, "I work with special-needs kids at Sacred Heart during the day and children ranging from grades 1 through 10 in the LDC after-school program. After using the Landforms Earth Science app with an autistic student, I can tell that ScienceWerkz will assist me greatly in working with students at various grade and ability levels."

Science teacher Marc Gorgenyi of North Reading Middle School in Massachusetts asserted, "Your science apps are fabulous. I really enjoyed the Inquiry Science concepts woven throughout the eBook. The images are of excellent quality, the interactive activities are dead-on, the concept map is a great visual, and the additional links are a valuable resource. And I love having a wrap-up test at the end."

Jason Paepke, a science teacher at Prairie Trail Middle School in Olathe, Kansas, had similar praise: "The ScienceWerkz apps have been a tremendous help in our classroom as we work on finding new ways to interact with the students and have them learn new material."

School administrators, teachers, and parents can request a free trial and find more information on ScienceWerkz science education apps at

About ScienceWerkz®: ScienceWerkz is a line of award-winning science education apps developed by San Diego-based Werkz Publishing Inc. Founded in 2012, Werkz Publishing aims to lead the digital learning revolution with digital education apps that engage, inspire, and empower students. The company's interactive science eBooks are available for Windows® and Apple® computers as well as iPad® and Android™ tablets, and cover key topics in General Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Life Science/Biology, and Physical Science. With ScienceWerkz, the subscription-based science apps may be used by educators for classroom learning or by parents and students for self-paced learning at home.

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